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Cookie Mix Series #RS046: Follidh • Chicago



Follidh is a Chicago-based DJ and Daniel Nally's brainchild. Follidh believes they embody the savant of all hypnotic, robotic, and alien frequencies.

Their benevolent neutrality and fluidity are as massive as they are elegant, as diverse as they are intimate, and as illusionary as they are real.

Danny's habitually had an intimate connection to music. Their initial attraction to dance music and the rave was the guiding spirit of being able to enter a space and write their own tale, to exist rather than to be told.

Follidh transports us back to the very roots of Acid Techno in Cookie Series #046, with old-school jams of the 90's and entrancing beats traveling us through to a time when the raves traditionally knew no limits and held no bounds.

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