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march 2021鈥檚 Best Mix: Rave Scout Cookies Series #051

Florida's GIGAVIOLENCE shines bright on this Rave Scout Cookies mix, which blends all flavours of hard dance鈥攆rom the slamming to the bouncy鈥攚ith strains of drum & bass, hyperpop and R&B mixed in. It might just be the sound of American dance floors when they come back.

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March 21 2021鈥檚 mix of the day: Rave Scout Cookies Series #051 

A rip-roaring mix that flips between jungle, hyperpop and all kinds of hard dance. 

Thrive Global:

Salman Jaberi of Rave Scout Cookies:
鈥淧erfectionism is the cure and the cause鈥

Salman Jaberi is a Creative Media Specialist, the founder of Rave Scout Cookies and Harm Reduction activist in partnership with peer-based non-profit organization, DanceSafe National. Born on the small island of Bahrain in the Persian Gulf, Salman gave up a life of luxury and long summer vacations at the Chateau Marmont for what he loves the most, the rave and the dance floor.

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Perspectives From The Scene:
Salman Jaberi of Rave Scout

The founder of Rave Scout Cookies talks about social justice, mutual aid and harm reduction in the wake of Covid. Salman Jaberi embodies the idea that if you need something done, the best thing is to do it yourself. He's a self-starter. As the founder of Rave Scout Cookies, a plucky but growing multimedia platform about rave culture, he's become a de facto spokesperson for community, mutual aid and harm reduction in dance music. 


Even With Clubs Closed, This New Drug Harm Reduction Handbook Could Save Lives

Community platform Rave Scout Cookies wants to prevent overdoses by combating the stigma associated with 鈥渃lub drugs鈥 and LGBTQ+ users. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic struck, another crisis was emerging within LGBTQ+ communities in major cities worldwide.

MixMag Korea:

霠堨澊敫岇潣 鞐偓, 鞎堨爠, 牍勳ガ鞏 鞎勴姼鞐 雽頃 雼る, 靻岇眳鞛愱皜 於滉皠霅 鞓堨爼鞚措嫟.

The Rave Scout Cookies #001 靻岇眳鞛愲姅 10鞗 5鞚检棎 毽措Μ歃堧悹 鞓堨爼鞚措┌, 雽勳姢 氘れ 鞐偓鞐愳劀鞚 韤挫柎鞕 POC (Person Of Color) 鞚 鞚挫暭旮半ゼ 頄レ垬毳 攵堧煬 鞚检溂韨る姅 鞀ろ啝毽 韰旊 氚╈嫕鞙茧 雼搓碃 鞛堧嫟.

The Vinyl Factory:

Rave Scout Cookies has published its first handbook

Exploring how POC and LGBT+ communities have shaped the rave scene, harm reduction and more. Multimedia platform Rave Scout Cookies is publishing its first handbook, straightforwardly titled The Rave Scout Cookies Handbook #001, this October.

Rave Scout Cookies: Erstes Handbuch ver枚ffentlicht

Die erste Ausgabe enth盲lt einen 脺berblick 眉ber die Bedeutung von LGBT+- und POC-Menschen und Zusammenh盲ngen in der Geschichte der Rave Culture sowie einen Leitfaden von DanceSafe 眉ber Sicherheit und Gesundheit auf Raves. Zus盲tzlich gibt eine Liste mit weiterf眉hrender Literatur und Plattenempfehlungen.

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Rave Scout Cookies releases handbook with rave history, harm reduction guide and DJ stories

The LGBT and POC-focused multimedia platform's latest venture is a series of handbooks. The first issue will feature a rundown of the queer and POC-centric history of dance music, along with a guide about rave safety and health from DanceSafe. There are also personal stories from DJs like Ariel Zetina, Justin Cudmore, Jeffrey Sfire and more, plus a handful of editorial features on artists and collectives, and an archival flyer collection.

DJ Mag: 

Rave history, saftey and visual art presented in new handbook from Rave Scout Cookies

A nostalgic package of stories to tell "fellow ravers around a campfire, at your favorite afters, or packed tight in a bathroom stall," The Rave Scout Cookies #001 handbook, which is slated for release on the 5th October, will documents queer and POC stories in dance music history.


Rave Scout Cookies to Release 1st Installment of New Book Series

Queer and POC platform Rave Scout Cookies (RSC) have announced a handbook series covering electronic music and adjacent topics. Rave Scout Cookies Handbook #001 is slated for release on October 5th and is now available for pre-order.

WKDU 91.7M Radio:

Launching Off with Rave Scout Cookies founder Salman Jaberi

During these crazy times, it鈥檚 comforting to know that people like Salman Jaberi, founder of new multimedia platform Rave Scout Cookies, are out there fighting the good fight. Rave Scout Cookies represents everything we鈥檙e about here at WKDU: devotion to the community, quality underground taste, and uplifting underrepresented marginalized folx who enable and create amazing art.

Love Injection Issue #55:

Rave Scout Cookies FOUNDER Profile: SALMAN JABERI

Rave Scout Cookies is a multimedia underground electronic-music platform devoted to bolstering a diverse roster of underrepresented and undiscovered People of Color and LGBTQ+ artists, collectives, talents, and ravers. It is more than just a multimedia platform; it is a movement pioneered by a marginalized individual for marginalized expertise in the underground realm.

Staying Vibrant:

Revamping the Rave with Rave Scout Cookies

After a previous interview with New Orleans artist Bouffant Bouffant, we found Salman Jaberi the creator and founder of Rave Scout Cookies. In a time where many voices, especially those within the queer community are not heard within this scene, it only seems fitting to continue to highlight those seemingly lost voices.

DanceSafe National:

DanceSafe partners with Rave Scout Cookies

DanceSafe National has teamed up with Rave Scout Cookies to release the First Aid + Survival Guideline handbook and the live-stream of digital events, which will feature harm reduction tips for various popular recreational substances, including anecdotal accounts from DanceSafe leaders and others in the community.


Rave Scout Cookies: La Musica che non discrimina

Rave Scout Cookies 猫 la nuova piattaforma online che mira a fornire uno spazio di conoscenza, confronto, condivisione ed ascolto per i membri delle comunit脿 POC/LGBTQ+. La musica 猫 da sempre, un linguaggio universale: attraverso essa tutti possono comunicare le proprie emozioni, lanciare messaggi di ogni tipo, esprimersi e trovare uno spazio senza il pericolo di essere giudicati.

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October 2020鈥檚 Best Mix: Rave Scout Cookies Series #002

Limber and psychedelic techno from the Chicago DJ鈥攚ho runs the Daisychain series鈥攁s part of new electronic music platform Rave Scout Cookies.

Resident Advisor:

Rave Scout Cookies is a new electronic music platform focused on POC and LGBTQ+ artists

There's a new online platform for POC and LGBTQ+ electronic music artists called Rave Scout Cookies. Rave Scout Cookies comes from Salman Jaberi, who also works with the Visceral party crew in Boston. So far, the website consists of a newsletter and a mix series, though the plan for it is to become a five-pronged platform. 

 Join The Rave Scout Troops                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     顏擄笌   顎ワ笌   顎勶笌   顎冿笌   顒滐笌