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About Us

Our concept was inspired by the African-American Boy Scout Movement, and our unified mission was shaped by our sister-platform, VISCERAL.


Rave Scout Cookies is a co-creative multimedia platform and rave sustainability project devoted to bolster marginalised talents, sustain the sociopolitical fabric of rave counterculture, and foster the development of safe space(s) in dance music communities.

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Rave Scout Cookies is a
co-creative multimedia platform and rave sustainability project devoted to bolster marginalised talents, sustain the sociopolitical fabric of rave counterculture, and foster the development of safe space(s) in dance music communities.



The core concept of the platform was poetically inspired by the African-American Boy Scout Movement, which emerged one year after the formation of today's most mainstream organization known to us as the Boy Scouts of America.

The Boy Scouts of America was formed in 1910 and catered exclusively to white youth, excluding Black Scouts as well as other minorities such as immigrants, disabled children, and children from rural low-income backgrounds.
In response to the racial discrimination and creed, the first African-American Boy Scout Troop was formed the following year in rebuttal to the racial and social discrimination, salvaging its vigorous code of ethics by turning the opposing organization on its head.


The seeds of our mission and goals stem from our Cambridge, MA-based sister platform. VISCERAL is an underground dance gathering founded in 2016, that provides a one-of-a-kind social and club experience steeped in conceptual storytelling by combining art installations with live DJ performances to  take the audience on a journey to embody raw, instinctive self-expression while invigorating community building.

VISCERAL's mission is to disrupt and diversify the nightlife industry by endorsing underrepresented People of Color and LGBTQ+ artists from the underground dance music scene; and for producing immersive experiences on a radically expressive dance floor, and providing an adequately curated safe space for Boston's marginalised community.

Co-creative Multimedia Platform & Rave sustainability Project

In the early 90s, leaders and pioneers in the technology industry promised the human race a better world and a prosperous future, with predictions of technological innovations advancing humanity, ending poverty, and curing diseases. Our world has advanced rapidly in terms of technological innovation, but those who set out to develop a new future of equitable humanism have also lost sight of their original goals.

In an ironic twist, our revolutionary digital future has shaped a modern society that disregards humanity, erecting institutions that aid their neoliberal capitalist agenda which benefits individuals born with a guarantee of a promising future. The scope and era in which we now live through has a consequent impact on our connection to our inherent qualities, alienating us from our higher self and capacity for empathy.
Rave Scout Cookies was founded with the intention of fusing technology and socio-cultural initiatives at its disposal to support the development of marginalized talents while also sustaining the sociopolitical activism of our dance floors. We embrace the accountability for safeguarding and fostering safe spaces within the confines of dance music counterculture.

Our origins stem from a unified goal: to create a platform that better connects our community, enabling us to empower and elevate one another in order to advance our personal growth and aspirations.

rave scout’S FOUR PILLARS

Develop a DIGITAL ecosystem that provides under-represented and undiscovered marginalised talents, collectives, and communities with equity and a networking base.
Rave Scout is currently in the works of developing a membership-based networking app that will assist marginalised talent in any role or area of expertise gain more visibility in the industry.

To foster safe space(s), we focus on generating equity in access to harm reduction resources; we combat stigma; and we insist on the structural safety of the space(s) in which we gather. To maintain a safe space, we orbit our attention around the primary sources of harm in the venues where we gather, the majority of which are substance-related incidents and the structural and physical safety of the buildings. 

We aspire to co-create community principles that guide the development of safer spaces,
including the sustainable growth of the dance music community, without relying on predetermined systems that frequently result in increasing harm. Furthermore, we demonstrate the critical importance of how transformative equity can be used to minimize harm in spaces by developing a meaningful cooperative purpose.

We seek to resurrect the politicized dance floors that gave birth to dance music. Rave Scout's mission is to contribute to the long-term viability of our local and global music ecologies by acting as a consultant and facilitator to artists, agents, labels, venues, and festivals to sucessfully disseminate rich educational resources to their audiences.


Salman Jaberi

Founder & Creative Director

Salman Jaberi is a Bahraini-born cultural consultant and creative media specialist based in New York City. Growing up, Salman's overall identity and cult-like, peculiar upbringing in the Middle East triggered him to feel isolated and alienated from the mainstream, or even from what he deemed to be his community. This propelled him to seek refuge in debris-filled rave warehouses, laying the groundwork for his chameleon-like acumen and distinct rave-view, both of which are deeply ingrained in the platform, which, despite its 2019 launch, has been shaping and molding its footprint since Salman's rave journey began when he moved to London for college at the age of 16.


Todd Stiefelmayer

︎︎︎ Web Developer

Flatbush Brown

︎︎︎ Rave Scout Handbook Issue #1 Illustrator

Adnan Qiblawi

︎︎︎ Rave Scout Handbook Issue #1 Head Editor

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