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Rave Scout Cookies® is a co-creative multimedia platform and sustainability project focused on empowering marginalized artists, preserving the socially conscious origins of underground dance music, and cultivating safe spaces in electronic music.


Rave Scout’s early beginnings drew inspiration from the African-American Boy Scout Movement, which arose a year after the establishment of the widely known Boy Scouts of America.

Founded in 1910, the Boy Scouts of America initially served only white youth, excluding Black Scouts and other marginalized groups like immigrants, disabled children, and those from low-income rural communities. In response to this racial and social discrimination, the first African-American Boy Scout Troop was formed in the subsequent year, reclaiming its strong moral principles by subverting the exclusivity of the organization.


Rave Scout Cookies® aims to foster a vibrant and inclusive electronic music community that celebrates diversity, empowers marginalized artists, and creates transformative experiences on dance floors where everyone feels welcome and liberated to express themselves authentically.

Through our initiatives and collaborations, our mission is to challenge the status quo, break down barriers, pave the way for a more equitable inclusive future, and work towards cultivating a healthier music ecosystem in the electronic music industry.

Co-creative Multimedia Platform & Rave sustainability Project

During the early 1990s, leaders and innovators in the technology industry made grand promises of a better world and a brighter future for humanity. They spoke of technological advancements that would uplift society, alleviate poverty, and even cure diseases. While our world has indeed witnessed rapid progress in technology, those who embarked on this journey to create a more equal and humane future seem to have lost sight of their original objectives.

Ironically, our revolutionary digital era has given rise to a modern civilization that often disregards the essence of humanity. Instead, it has fostered institutions that prioritize neoliberal capitalist ideals, benefiting only those individuals who are fortunate enough to possess a promising future from birth. The sheer scale and pace of our current existence have taken a toll on our connection to our intrinsic qualities, leaving us disconnected from our higher selves and our capacity for empathy.

Rave Scout Cookies® was established with the aim of combining technology and socio-cultural initiatives to support the growth of underrepresented talents while also upholding the sociopolitical activism that gave birth to dance music.

We actively promote the creation of safe spaces and take responsibility for fostering them. Our foundation is rooted in a shared objective: to create a platform that strengthens our community, enabling us to collectively empower and uplift one another to achieve our goals.

rave scout COOKIES® services


Rave Scout Cookies® has always been committed to promoting equity and recognition for underrepresented and undiscovered talents, collectives, and communities. Our main initiative has been the development of a networking software program that aims to connect marginalized artists with opportunities in the dance music industry. This membership-based networking program is open to underrepresented talent from all areas of expertise within the industry.

Our goal is to support the long-term sustainability of local and global music scenes by acting as a bridge between marginalized artists and key industry players such as mentors, agents, promoters, consultants, labels, venues, and festivals. By connecting artists with these resources, we aim to provide equal potential and opportunities for everyone in the industry.

To bring our vision to life, we are seeking various investors who can provide resources, consultancy, and funding. We welcome professionals who share our passion and can help us make a difference in the industry.


Rave Scout Cookies® Industry Training is a comprehensive set of training courses created by our organization to promote social equity and responsibility in the underground dance music and electronic music industry.

Our courses aim to identify and address the challenges faced by the dance music industry and its communities, such as the need for safe spaces, regulation of harm reduction practices, and providing resources to marginalized artists to support their artistic careers.

We strongly believe that seeking knowledge fosters cultural awareness, that dialogue is invaluable, and that putting our understanding into action has a positive impact on everyone involved, including ourselves.

Our industry e-learning courses offer tailored training and educational programs designed for collectives, platforms, agencies, venues, music festivals, and event production operators.


Salman Jaberi

Founder &
Creative Director

Salman Jaberi is a cultural producer and creative marketing specialist originally from Bahrain who now resides in New York City. Growing up in the Middle East, Salman's unique upbringing and sense of identity made him feel isolated from the mainstream and even his own community. Salman found solace and a sense of self in attending underground raves, which greatly influenced his perspective and involvement in dance floor politics.

These experiences have shaped the founding of the platform, which has made a significant impact since Salman's rave journey began when he relocated to London at the age of 16 for college. Salman's work, particularly his association with Rave Scout Cookies®, was recently recognized by Forbes Magazine, naming him a 30 Under 30 music honoree.


Todd Stiefelmayer

︎︎︎ Web Development & art direction

Flatbush Brown

︎︎︎ Rave Scout Handbook Issue #001 Illustrator

Adnan Qiblawi

︎︎︎ Rave Scout Handbook Issue #001 Head Editor

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