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Independent, BR

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Zoé Agnoly, known as Zandøly, emerges as a captivating artist hailing from Paris and currently finding her creative pulse in the vibrant streets of Berlin. Zandøly's sonic palette weaves together groovy, hypnotic beats, consistently pushing the boundaries of electronic music. Her soundscapes form a mesmerizing fusion of hard-groove and minimal techno, drawing inspiration from various genres to craft auditory journeys into uncharted territories.

With compositions characterized by pulsating rhythms and haunting melodies, Zandøly's tracks offer a transcendent experience, whisking listeners away to ethereal realms of sonic exploration. Her live performances are distinguished by a dualistic approach, skillfully blending elements of minimal and hard techno to create an unconventional and immersive auditory experience.

For Cookie Mix #075, Zandøly invites her audience on a transformative journey through the depths of sound and rhythm, leaving a lasting impression on all who dare to listen.

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