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Tommy Hart 

[SIC] Community club, CDMX

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Tommy Hart is a Mexico City-based DJ who has appeared on lineups across the United States, Europe, and Mexico. In Mexico City, Tommy holds a monthly residency at the city's largest LGBTQ+ institution, [sic] community cluB.

His musical style oscillates between deep and thumping underground cuts to vibrant big room house tracks, excelling at crafting long, ecstatic blends.

Tommy’s collaborative project, the Sex Shop Boys, with his late partner Priest, catapulted him to new heights, with performances in New York, Toronto, Los Angeles, Miami, and various cities throughout Mexico. A highlight for the duo was performing as the opening act for Beyonce's Renaissance World Tour performance in Dallas.

For Cookie Mix #073, Tommy delves deeper and pushes the tempo, experimenting with a more mature, less vocally-driven elegance while remaining true to his musical roots.

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