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Cookie Mix Series #RS056: N.R.M • Berlin



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N.R.M is a Berlin-based artist and the founder of the Hamburg-based party series, KUR. He began spinning records at the age of 18 and performing in local nightclubs in his hometown of Hamburg, before relocating to Buenos Aires, where he discovered his true calling and passion for music. In 2019, he launched the KUR party series at Hamburg club PAL, and in the following year, he launched the Satkau local festival in Lower Saxony.

N.R.M is an affiliate of the German techno label "TILT," as well as a member of the User Guide project under the alias, DJ Telefon, focusing on house, breaks, and electro. N.R.M's sound is made up of intelligent and fast grooves, percussion, delicate basslines, and contemporary underground tunes with a 90's kick.

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