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Cookie Mix Series #RS053: Nick Boyd • Brooklyn

Nick Boyd


NICK BOYD is a record label owner, DJ, raver, and all-around music freak based in New York City.

Nick’s a tireless monomaniac when it comes to dance music and his BK-based label Sorry Records has been a transmitter of killer tunes to the dance halls, with tracks from Escaflowne, SOPHIE, MoMa Ready, Fatherhood, and DJ Delish to name a few.

Nick’s devotion to dance music is clear through his residencies on The Lot Radio and Newtown Radio, his work co-running Bossa Nova Civic Club’s new weekly stream Bossa Radio, and his dance music criticism and interview work for iconic independents such as Love Injection, Crack Magazine, and The Fader.

Cookie Series #53 captures Boyd at his peak utopia, dishing out a slew of nutty breakbeat frenzy, speed garage, jacky techno, and Hi-NRG disco dismount to top it all off with some sprinkles.

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