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Cookie Mix Series #RS010: 'nohup' • Seattle


Jetpack, SEA

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'nohup', is a multimedia artist, producer and DJ of Persian-descent, based in Seattle. 'nohup' makes the search for their identity on the interwebs intractable; hiding behind multiple aliases such as 'DJ Kaaba Emoji' and 'Mystery Contusion' to name a few.

They aim to illustrate their comical take on rave culture but also to embrace their versatility in mastering the art of DJing with multiple musical genres. 'nohup' finds inspiration in the radical inclusivity of the Seattle scene; focusing on finding a sense of comfort in discomfort and providing a sense of joy and levity when faced with darkness.

In this mix, they curate the sound of their multi-dimensional personas and non-conforming talent by merging numerous genres so effortlessly.

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